Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program used to store lots of data in a simple way. Along with storing data in Excel, it also helps in performing operations on the data.

With Excel Knowledge, you can organise and aggregate big data which otherwise poses a great challenge to the user. Excel has become an important skill for freshers in today’s time. Whether you are in the business sector, or finance or you want to become a data analyst, learning Microsoft Excel is a must for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the points proving the importance of excel: 

Time management:

If you run a business or work in a corporate company, then you have to do many things together, which increases workload. Therefore, to be successful in your work, you have to be extremely productive and fast. That’s why Excel is so important in modern operations.

You can improve productivity and time management by using shortcuts on top of Excel. You can also automate your process using macros and formulas. 

Excel simplifies your everyday tasks and saves time so you can focus on other great things.

Data handling: 

When you are handling data on very large proofs it can go wrong to manage it. When you are analyzing data numerically it becomes difficult to weed out legitimate resources that do not make full use of your stored data.

This is where Excel has the advantage, through which you can use features like conditional formatting. By which you will be able to understand  the data. through Excel you will be able to see the entire data uniformly and completely, from which the user can also make predictions for them which are accurate.

Excel can also present your data in the form of graphs and charts. Due to this feature, the presentation of data becomes very easy.

Better calculations

With the help of Excel, you can complete large and complex calculations very easily. There’s no  need to calculate manually with Excel, it functions automatically and will make your results more accurate.

Improved analytics

Microsoft Excel has a lot of feature data for analytics and calculations. Many businesses are at a loss when they do not have the time or knowledge for analytics, then Excel helps with formula features that make analytics faster and easier.

If you have got a professional job and have good knowledge of Excel then you are an asset to the company. You can leave your mark on the company management by doing analytics through Excel. 

Data visualisation through excel 

Not only formulas and calculations, Excel also provides many data visualisation techniques. Data visualisation is an important skill for any professional, especially if you are working with people having a variety of skills and abilities. Not everyone in the company has the ability to understand the raw data, that’s where excel comes to help, presenting data in understandable format through data visualisation. 

You can represent your data in a very understandable format with the help of pie charts and graphs. Through data visualisation, you can get your plans and patterns known to the entire organisation. By learning the data visualisation of Excel, you can go ahead and progress in your career.


In today’s time Microsoft Excel has become an essential tool, it is used in almost every field somewhere. Excel offers many features and benefits to its users like fast and accurate calculations, precise decision making and powerful data visualisation.

All in all excel has become a mandatory skill for almost every fresher’s profile on today’s date, stay connected for new blogs and courses related to Ms excel. 

All the best!!!